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What is a predesign or mockup? How long does it take to build a website from the beginning to publication or deploy? Does the business/idea analysis and predesign imply commitment? Do maintenance plans or web content plans have a minimum contract period? Is there a cost for the design proposal of my website? Do you provide website translation services into multiple languages? I already have website maintenance with another company. Can I contract other web services with TechSupport? Do I have to choose various packages for SEO, maintenance, and others, or do you have an all-in-one solution? I have no idea about websites, social media, and marketing. Could you inform me without any commitment? What expenses are involved in developing my website and in the subsequent maintenance and content creation?
We explain everything on our website, but here's a brief overview. The expenses associated with a website include:

- Development: Creating the website involves paying for the project's cost.
- Domain: Your domain is your "address," e.g., www.mywebsite.com. This is an annual payment.
- Hosting: You pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually for a server where your website resides.
- Other monthly expenses (optional): Web maintenance, backups, creation of new content, etc.

We offer optional support and content creation packages. We recommend, at the very least, considering web maintenance if you don't have technical personnel.
I need a system for my company (billing, reservations, scheduling, etc.). Can you create a custom solution?
Yes, we can. We have several generic solutions adaptable to any type of information management. If you need a completely custom system for your company, we can create it without any issues. We'll hold one or several in-person or virtual meetings with you and/or employees who will use the software. We'll analyze and study your case along with your requirements and instructions. Subsequently, we'll make several proposals tailored to your needs. Feel free to inquire without any commitment.
How long does it take to have an online store published and functioning?
It depends on five fundamental factors.

The first is whether you have the graphic resources and texts and if you will provide them to us: If you have your logo, the texts for each page of your website, the necessary images and/or translations, it saves design time and we will simply use them once you provide these resources.

The second factor is the speed at which you approve the deliveries. You will be presented with a final design proposal, and once accepted, we will progressively update you on the status of your website. Sometimes we will require your approval to continue. Good communication between developers, designers, and your company will drastically reduce the time to have your website ready.

Third, the type of website. Depending on the complexity of your website, we will estimate development hours and a schedule to follow. It depends on how complex the store is.

Fourth, the quantity of products and catalog. It depends on how many products you have, if you have the product sheets and photographs, if you have .CSV files, if the supplier has an API to integrate it into the website, etc. This will add more or less time to the content loading before the website is published.

Fifth, if you already have or the time it takes for the bank or entity responsible for providing you with a virtual POS terminal or payment gateway. A bank or entity has to activate their virtual POS services to integrate different payment methods on your website.

If you need a specific timeframe or need to know if your website can be online by a certain date, please contact us as soon as possible to meet deadlines and inform you, as it may take days, weeks, a month, or months.
Do you upload all the products from my business when creating a store and then perform stock updates?
According to the custom quote, the upload of x amount of products, partially or entirely of your catalog, will be included or not. Depending on the development, some products are uploaded for free, and depending on the number of products and the resources available to us (photographs, descriptions, .CSV files, suppliers' stock APIs), we will calculate the time and cost of the total or partial upload of your products. We can upload all of them ourselves or deliver the functional website and let you upload your products if you wish. The client always chooses.
Can a project be paid in installments? What happens in case of non-payment by the client? Is it mandatory to have legal texts on my website? (Privacy policy, cookies...). After a free trial of plans, will I be automatically charged the following month?

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