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What are web maintenance plans?


Our web maintenance plans are monthly service packs provided to ensure the quality and security of your website.

We want to take care of maintaining your contracted services and provide you with peace of mind that everything will function correctly and optimally. We'll take care of what you need month by month, including daily backups, website maintenance, keeping applied technologies on your website up-to-date, email backups, creating new corporate email accounts, reduced-price development hours, and urgent design changes or adding functionality to your website, SEO review, and web analytics reports. Whatever you need.

The initial setup web maintenance plan is not monthly; it's a package of various necessary services and configurations grouped together to save you time and streamline technical aspects when starting a project. We'll configure your server/hosting, register your business domain, perform the initial project and database backup, install certificates, and configure your email.

Enjoy 1 month of web maintenance plan for free

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Web Maintenance Plans

Of course, after the development of your website, or if you already have one and need it, you can also rely on our web maintenance services to keep everything perfect.

  • MINI

    • Backup: Monthly
    • Maintenance: Monthly
    • Updates: Monthly
    • No cybersecurity audit
    • No Content Hours Web Updates without cost

    30/ Month

  • Basic

    • Backup: BiWeekly
    • Maintenance: BiWeekly
    • Updates: BiWeekly
    • No cybersecurity audit
    • No Content Hours Web Updates without cost

    50/ Month

  • Popular


    • Backup: Weekly
    • Maintenance: Weekly
    • Updates: Weekly
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • 1 Content Hour/Month Web Updates without cost

    60/ Month

  • Premium

    • Backup: Daily
    • Maintenance: Daily
    • Updates: Daily
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • 2 Content Hours/Month Web Updates without cost

    80/ Month


To have a website online, you will need a domain and hosting. We briefly explain what they are, if you have any questions, consult us, we will advise you for free.


Your web domain name is key to your online presence; it should get the name that best represents you. A domain is nothing more than that, a unique name that identifies you, the domain of this website, for example, is techsupport.es; we will advise you on obtaining your domain for free.


Once you have your domain available, you need hosting, also known as hosting. Basically, it is about hiring a plan (monthly, semi-annual, annual...) that gives you the necessary resources to host your website, disk space, database, memory, etc.


Although it can be contracted individually, many domain plans include corporate email accounts. This is nothing more than an email like any other, only associated with a more professional and serious image since it carries the name of your domain in it, an example would be: contact@techsupport.es

Web Maintenance Services

In this list, we compile the individual services included in the package in the development plans. If you need flexibility in your plan, we will adjust it as needed. Web maintenance plans are monthly and have no commitment.


Whether it's about which plan to contract or any other service we offer, the advice is completely free.

Web Maintenance

We will ensure that everything continues to function correctly and optimally. We will keep the applied technologies up to date.


We will perform backups of your website, database, etc. This ensures that there is a backup in case any problems arise.

Development Hours

To monthly add, modify, design, or develop whatever is necessary on your website. Preference and reduced price.

Domain Registration

We will check the availability of the domain name and manage the registration of the domain or domains for your website.

Server Configuration

We will manage your server, hosting, and everything necessary for its proper functioning.

Corporate Email

We will create email accounts for your company and assist you in configuring them in email clients.

SEO Audit

If you have created new content on your website, we will review all aspects that influence SEO to ensure that nothing has a negative impact.

Web Analytics

We will provide you with a comprehensive report on everything related to visits to your website and ensure that your marketing strategies are working.

SSL Certificate

We will manage the SSL certificates for your website to ensure compliance with its security requirements.

GDPR Legality

We will ensure that the legal texts are up-to-date and compliant with GDPR data protection laws.

Email Signature

We will design signatures for your corporate email and keep your legal texts updated.

Unique Plan

Initial Project

  • Domain registration
  • Configure hosting server
  • Backup
  • Corporate email
  • User web guide
  • SEO

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