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Do digital marketing plans have a commitment period? What is the discount for combining marketing plans? What is a monthly social media report? Do you design custom plans in addition to those shown on the website? Does "advertising included" mean you cover the cost of campaigns? How do I know how much to invest in SEM (Google) or Ads (Facebook/IG) advertising? What expenses are involved in the development of my website and the subsequent maintenance and content creation?
We explain everything on our website, but in summary, the expenses associated with a website are:

- Development, creation. Payment of the project cost and that's it.
- Domain, an annual payment for your "address" e.g., www.mysite.com.
- Hosting: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment for a server where your website is hosted.
- Other monthly expenses (optional): Web maintenance, backups, creation of new content, etc.

We offer optional support and content creation packages. We recommend, at least, web maintenance if you do not have technical personnel.
Do social media plans include the creation of the social media accounts?
Yes. If your social media accounts have not been created yet, the creation is included in the first month of your social media plan or combined plan if it includes the social media plan service.
How long does it take to have a website published and functioning?
It depends on three fundamental factors. The first is whether you have the graphic resources and texts and whether you will provide them to us: If you have your logo, the texts for each page of your website, the necessary images and/or translations, it saves design time, and we will simply use them as soon as you provide these resources. The second factor is the speed with which you approve the deliveries; you will be presented with a final design proposal, once you accept it, we will progressively inform you about the progress of your website, and sometimes we will require your approval to continue. If there is good communication between developers, designers, and your company, the time to have your website ready will be drastically reduced. Third, the type of website; depending on the complexity of your website, an estimation of development hours and a schedule to follow will be made. It is not the same to create a corporate website, a store, or a system. If you need a specific time frame or need to know if your website will be online by a certain date, please contact us as soon as possible to meet the deadlines and inform you as it may take days, weeks, a month, or months.
Can a project be paid in installments? What happens in case of non-payment by the client? Is it mandatory to have legal texts on my website? (Privacy policy, cookies...) After a free trial of plans, will I be automatically charged the following month? Do you provide website or social media translations in multiple languages? How much does the SEO service cost? How long does it take to see results? Can I speed up the SEO process by paying more? Are there any commitments for SEO or SEM plans? Do I have to perform SEO actions for a minimum period to see results? What is more important, SEO or SEM? Does SEO or SEM guarantee more sales? What type of website or company gets results faster? Is it better to do SEO or advertising (SEM)? How do I know if my SEO plan is profitable?
You will receive a monthly report with the work done and statistics of your website. One part of the report focuses on goal achievements (calls, sales, subscriptions, quote requests, etc.). So, you will easily see your evolution over time.
Is web positioning profitable and necessary?
If you want your company to be digitalized, with an online presence, and easily found on search engines, definitely and emphatically yes. Without a good SEO strategy, you may be destined to fail, at least online, because if people can't find you, it's unlikely you'll have sales, calls, etc., on your website.

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