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  • Quote and consulting without commitment
  • Free custom mockups
  • We create and manage any social network
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X/Twitter, Youtube...
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Link building and sync of your networks and website
  • Daily or weekly posts
  • Analytics report and monitoring
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Why are social networks so important?

It is indisputable that the internet is the most important tool of our era today, so for the business world it is essential to understand the rules of the game. Just as in large organizations, where its use is common, for medium and small businesses the network allows them to create solid communication strategies and be much closer to their customers.

Creating a website, being present on social networks, and combining it with correct marketing strategies will generate an impact that, today, can determine and improve the visibility and success of a business. Having a digital marketing strategy is fundamental to start making yourself known on the web. Companies have direct exposure where products and services will be within reach of an extensive audience, as well as the ability to provide the necessary information to encourage sales.

Advantages and benefits

Being a showcase in your area, country, or the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gain visibility and increase the reputation and cachet of your brand. Not being present on social networks or having a website today is practically the same as not existing.

At TechSupport, we take care of everything so that your business looks impeccable and follows a correct strategy and path; your business will grow every day.

Optimize your investments and have a high return on your investment. Not having professionals can make you spend money unnecessarily without knowing how to optimize your resources or invest without having the desired effect or return.

Check our 2024 Dossier.

Social Media Plans

These are the generic plans that some of our clients opt for. Request your personalized quote without any commitment, as each project, company, and need is unique. If you also need web maintenance and SEO along with social media, we also offer combined packages where your savings will be greater. Visit this link to see the combined digital marketing packages.

  • Initial

    • Creation of social networks
    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 3 Weekly Posts
    • Google Business Management
    • No Google Ads Management
    • Monthly Report

    150/ Month

  • Basic

    • Creation of social networks
    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 4 Weekly Posts
    • Google Business Management
    • Google Ads Management
    • Monthly Report

    199/ Month

  • Popular


    • Creation of social networks
    • Facebook & Instagram
    • 7 Weekly Posts
    • Google Business Management
    • Google Ads Management
    • Monthly Report

    299/ Month

  • Premium

    • Creation of social networks
    • Facebook, Instagram y Twitter
    • 10 Weekly Posts
    • Google Business Management
    • Google Ads Management
    • Monthly Report

    340/ Month

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make

1 - Not having professional help and advice.

Apart from intrusiveness, having someone claim to know how to run a Facebook page doesn't make them a digital marketing specialist. Investing money in actions today is very easy, and so is filing a tax return, but before undertaking these two actions, you would seek a professional to invest your money and a professional tax advisor to avoid fiscal problems for your business. Don't make a mistake; digital marketing isn't for just anyone either. If professionals don't study your business, your competition, and develop a proper marketing strategy where every detail is planned, you're likely headed for failure and desperation due to lack of results.

2 - Underestimating the power of social media.

Social media, websites, SEO positioning, and a marketing strategy are the basic pillars of success for a digital business. Many underestimate social media because they truly believe it's "just posting and uploading some photos" or because they haven't achieved results before. Social media requires study, planning, and calculated actions to reach goals and see monthly reports on what is achieved and what is not, and to redirect the strategy and actions. It's constant and tedious work.

3 - Impatience with results.

Not properly studying the analytics of your social media and website will lead to assumptions, and you won't know what you're doing right and what you're not. Many clients without professional help thought that not achieving the expected sales or results online "wasn't that big of a deal," but once they are advised and their social media is managed, and they see month-to-month reports and their growth, and how their sales and presence increase, they understand how necessary it is for a professional to manage their business online. Posting just for the sake of it, sharing posts among friends, and buying likes or followers won't make your business better. Most likely, all of this will be ridiculous because without a strategy and followers gained cleanly because they are interested in your content and are your target audience and potential customers, you probably won't achieve anything.

Services for social media

In this list, we compile the individual services that we work on in social media.
You can combine them into a tailored plan as you need them, flexible and without commitment.

Social Media Creation

We create your social media platforms from scratch. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tiktok, etc.

Content Posting

We will take care of creating, managing, and scheduling your business's posts on all available social media platforms.


We can use the content you provide or create it ourselves, including texts, posts, press releases, both in English and Spanish.


If you need a change of image, we will do it completely, defining a new style to renew your brand and your business.

Advertising Campaigns

We will create ads and manage your advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines to meet your expectations.

Seasonal Campaigns

We have experience leveraging major dates and events of the year to carry out impactful campaigns for your business.

Graphic Design

We have graphic design professionals to create all the graphic content needed for your social media, ads, website, etc.

Promotions and Contests

We will give you the visibility you deserve and reach the maximum target audience in order to meet the expectations of your campaign.

Analytics Report

We will provide you with a comprehensive report containing all information regarding visits and interactions on your social media platforms to track the growth of your business.

Crisis Management

Regardless of the source, we will resolve anything that is jeopardizing the reputation of your brand or company.

Customer Support

We will always be in touch and up to date, in addition to resolving all your doubts and assisting you with whatever you need.


Whether it's about which plan to choose or another service we offer, the consultation is completely free.


As there are services that are directly related to each other, and our plans, besides the standard ones, are tailored to your needs or budget, combining multiple services in your contract will result in savings compared to purchasing them separately.

Our priority is to develop a strategy based on the client's budget and/or needs. Therefore, we will always advise you accordingly. If your budget is limited, we will adapt to it. If your budget is ample, we will advise you to proceed cautiously, choosing each action carefully to achieve your goals and objectives.

All plans include

Our web plans have the following services in common. However, you can combine and complement them according to your needs, both custom to what you need and with our support plans.

Marketing Strategy

We leave nothing to chance, so we will make several proposals studying the context, time, and actions to be taken to pursue specific objectives: Increase your sales, more followers, etc.

Analytics Reports

We carry out a thorough monitoring of results regarding analytics of your social media and website and objectives, in order to evaluate the actions taken and their success, make adjustments, and maximize growth.

Customer Support

You will receive assistance regarding any questions you have, and we will help you solve any problems you encounter.

Search Engine Optimization


  • SEO Audit.
  • Google Ranking
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Target Definition
  • Local and International
  • SEM Campaigns
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