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From 250.00 €

  • Free quote and consulting without commitment
  • Free custom predesign
  • Corporate, online stores, systems, etc.
  • Adaptable to all device screens
  • SEO optimized
  • User manual
  • Daily or weekly backup
  • Technical assistance and maintenance
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What is web development?

Web development is the creation of websites involving various phases from design, implementation, to its subsequent online deployment. Our team will create a professional website for your business, and you won't have to worry about a thing. We will explain all the important details and phases that a project goes through, gather the requirements and specifications necessary for the launch of your project, and shape it.

We will take care of every detail to achieve what's important: that your customers search for and easily find what they're looking for, ensuring that the design is adaptive to any device, also known as responsive design, making sure that the website is comfortable to visit and navigate. Your website will start in the design phase with several proposals from us. From these proposals, if any fully or partially satisfy you (we will make changes until it meets your satisfaction), it will be the one that becomes the final design of your website.



Our developers will analyze what your website needs and find the best solution for you. Tailored to your needs, just like the design part, any functionality you need, whether it's forms, bookings, appointments, management systems, etc.

We also take care of the page structure and different sections, and ensure that your business is found on major search engines like Google. You can also count on our support plans, maintenance, content creation, social media... Everything you need.

Not only are the functionalities developed tailored, but the design is also personalized: Share your ideas, tastes, and suggestions with our web designers.

Types of websites

If you're unsure about what type of website you need, here are the most common types of websites. If you still need guidance regarding your website or online business idea, feel free to contact us without any obligations, and we'll assist you.



A corporate website is the website of a company or entity. It is owned by the company and publishes the information it desires. It serves as the company's online storefront and is under its control. The content should be a strategic decision linked to the business's activities and brand.



E-commerce is a business strategy for selling products or services through the internet. Online stores are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more businesses opting to have their own online shops. The main advantage is that it is always available 24/7, which leads to increased sales and profits, along with numerous other benefits.



A Landing Page is a web page developed with the sole purpose of converting visitors into potential customers or sales leads through a specific offer. They are simple pages that are reached by clicking a link through advertising, ads, social media, etc.



A news blog is a website where content is published periodically in the form of articles (also called posts). They are usually websites dedicated to providing news, such as Xataka. Websites of any type, whether corporate, e-commerce, etc., can have news sections integrated into them, thereby also improving SEO.



Management systems are websites accessed privately with a user having certain roles, permissions, and privileges, with filtering on what these users can do and see according to their role. Companies use them for various purposes: organizing files, invoicing, time tracking, productivity, managing offers or products, etc.



Comparison websites gather information and rates about a product or service, whether it's hotels, real estate, car insurance, betting houses, or technology. You might be familiar with sites like Booking, Rastreator, or Kimovil, among others. They usually have a private administration panel where companies manage their offers and/or users themselves offer.



CV websites are becoming increasingly popular. With the job market becoming more competitive, many people are looking to stand out from the competition, and this is an original way to do so. They serve as a presentation letter where anyone can showcase their work and experience in a visually appealing and elegant manner.



An educational web platform is a Learning Management System, and its function is to manage distance learning environments, administering resources that facilitate interaction between the student and the teacher. The teacher uploads their content (videos, PDFs, course material), and the student can view it for studying, submit assignments, take online exams, etc.

The Success of Your Brand

  • Identity

    When someone hears your brand for the first time, one of the things they'll do is search for it on the Internet to learn about you and your company. Your website will dispel their doubts with a positive impact.

    24/7 Accessibility

    Your business always running, whether it's selling online or attracting new customers with your website.


    With your website, you can offer online deals, new promotions, catalogs... Grab attention. You can always combine it with social media for greater reach.


I Want My Website

If you are interested in designing and developing your website with us, we will advise you at all times, seeking quality assurance and meeting all your needs.


Contact us via phone, WhatsApp, or simply by filling out the contact form.


We will cover all your needs and offer you various design proposals and quotes.


Once a proposal is accepted, we will enter the development phase to make it a reality.

Confirmation and Publication

When you confirm and are satisfied with the result, we will publish your website online.

Web Maintenance Plans

Of course, after the development of your website, or if you already have one and need it, you can also rely on our web maintenance services to keep everything perfect.

  • MINI

    • Backup: Monthly
    • Maintenance: Monthly
    • Updates: Monthly
    • No cybersecurity audit
    • No Content Hours Web Updates without cost

    30/ Month

  • Basic

    • Backup: BiWeekly
    • Maintenance: BiWeekly
    • Updates: BiWeekly
    • No cybersecurity audit
    • No Content Hours Web Updates without cost

    50/ Month

  • Popular


    • Backup: Weekly
    • Maintenance: Weekly
    • Updates: Weekly
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • 1 Content Hour/Month Web Updates without cost

    60/ Month

  • Premium

    • Backup: Daily
    • Maintenance: Daily
    • Updates: Daily
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • 2 Content Hours/Month Web Updates without cost

    80/ Month


To have a website online, you will need a domain and hosting. We briefly explain what they are, if you have any questions, consult us, we will advise you for free.


Your web domain name is key to your online presence; it should get the name that best represents you. A domain is nothing more than that, a unique name that identifies you, the domain of this website, for example, is techsupport.es; we will advise you on obtaining your domain for free.


Once you have your domain available, you need hosting, also known as hosting. Basically, it is about hiring a plan (monthly, semi-annual, annual...) that gives you the necessary resources to host your website, disk space, database, memory, etc.


Although it can be contracted individually, many domain plans include corporate email accounts. This is nothing more than an email like any other, only associated with a more professional and serious image since it carries the name of your domain in it, an example would be: contact@techsupport.es

Popular Web Packs

Our combination of design, development, and support plans is flexible and customizable, tailored to your needs. These 4 packages are the most commonly chosen by our clients, but we also offer custom quotes for each case without any obligation.

From 250 €

  • Landings
  •  Mockup
  •  6 Web Pages
  •  Self-manageable
  •  Slider
  •  Responsive/Adaptive
  •  Backup Support
  •  User Manual
  •  SEO and Google Analytics
  •  Legal Texts
  •  Scalable
  •  Content Creation
  •  Maintenance Support

From 499 €

  • Landing & Corporate
  •  Mockup
  •  8 Web Pages
  •  Self-manageable
  •  Slider
  •  Responsive/Adaptive
  •  Backup Support
  •  User Manual
  •  SEO and Google Analytics
  •  Legal Texts
  •  Scalable
  •  Content Creation
  •  Maintenance Support

From 999 €

  • Corporate
  •  Mockup
  •  12 Web Pages
  •  Self-manageable
  •  Slider
  •  Responsive/Adaptive
  •  Backup Support
  •  User Manual
  •  SEO and Google Analytics
  •  Legal Texts
  •  Scalable
  •  Content Creation
  •  Maintenance Support

From 1499€

  • Corporate
  •  Mockup
  •  20 Web Pages
  •  Self-manageable
  •  Slider
  •  Responsive/Adaptive
  •  Backup Support
  •  User Manual
  •  SEO and Google Analytics
  •  Legal Texts
  •  Scalable
  •  Content Creation
  •  Maintenance Support

All Websites Include

All our web designs have the following services in common. However, you can customize and complement them according to your needs or with our support plans.

Pre-design and Responsive

The pre-design is an interactive mockup and image where you can see the final look of your system before starting its development. All designs will adapt to any type of mobile device and screen.

Backup Copies

We will periodically create backup copies of your website and its database.

User Manual

Whether it's a website built with WordPress or a custom administration panel, all websites include a user manual for easily updating content, creating news, etc.


Search Engine Optimization


  • SEO Audit
  • SEO on page
  • SEO off page
  • Target Study
  • Local and internacional
  • SEM Campaigns
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