Business IT Infrastructure

Need a new or renew your IT infrastructure?

Simply get in touch with us and describe your case to our technicians, they will advise you free of charge. We will study the requirements and needs presented and those that arise so that your company has optimal and suitable technology for the proper functioning of all workstations in your business.



Our team consists of certified senior technicians in computer systems administration and networks who stay up-to-date with market trends. Additionally, they have extensive experience of over 15 years in assembling and repairing computer systems.

Our advice is personalized, and you won't speak with an automated system over the phone or fill out tedious web forms with fine print. Within the budget you specify or our recommendation, you'll receive several detailed quotes to choose from, ensuring you select the one that best suits your real needs.

We assemble computers from scratch, optimizing both hardware and software components. Feel free to inquire without any obligation in our contact us section.

Check our services catalog.

New Business IT infrastructure

If you have any doubts about what you need, feel free to contact us without any obligation, and we'll assist you. We work in the Campo de Gibraltar and Costa del Sol regions, providing in-home services, and we also offer help desk installations and technical support.


OS Install

PC or Mac with a new fresh OS installation or by transferring your backup to preserve your files in case of renewal.



Installation of office software (LibreOffice Suite, Microsoft Office), web browsers, antivirus, and any other application you may need.


New Custom PC

New custom-built PC assembly or reusing your existing components, assembled in a new tower, ready to plug in and work seamlessly.


Help Desk

Fixing an error, configuring the operating system, updating software, or installing apps quickly and securely with full warranty, we can do it on-site or remotely.


Office IT Infrastructure

If necessary, our technicians will bring the ready-to-use equipment to your company and install them in their respective workstations, ensuring proper installation and operation.



Having an operating system installed is not enough; it is also necessary to properly configure various parameters and services to ensure its performance meets expectations.


Backups - NAS

We will configure a NAS server to back up everything you indicate, ensuring you always have a perfect backup copy. You can even set up your own cloud for added convenience.



We will create or optimize your local network, ensuring that all devices are interconnected. You will have a secure network ready for your users to share files seamlessly.

Quote without commitment

If you are interested in fixing or optimizing your computers or devices, we will give you a prior appointment for pickup at your home or business/office. For more information, check out our service catalog.


Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or simply by filling out the contact form.


We will study your specific case and offer you several quotes within the limits you establish.

Payment - Order

Once a quote is accepted and payment is made, we will prepare your equipment.


We will deliver and install the equipment at your company.

All our computer repairs include


Both new and repaired devices come with a warranty for their service and any newly acquired components. This is always reflected in the quote.

Best Brands

We work with the best brands in the market: Intel, AMD, MSI, GigaByte, Arctic, Kingston, Apple, etc. We also offer a range of high-quality compatible components.


All our new and repaired devices leave the workshop after being thoroughly tested, ensuring that the issue has been resolved and that their performance is adequate. We always provide you with the results of these tests (free of charge).




  • Audit
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Malware cleaning
  • Software and OS optimization
  • In situ and remote technical assistance
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