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  • SEO optimized content
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  • Technical assistance and maintenance
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What is SEO and what is SEM?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to improve the position of a website in search engine results, involving techniques such as programming, brand reputation enhancement, content management, link building campaigns, and other actions that adhere to search engine rules, such as Google's, to optimize website ranking.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the set of digital marketing tools used to organize campaigns and publish paid advertisements on search engines to enhance their position. If you are interested in implementing an SEO and/or SEM strategy, we will provide advice and recommend the best strategies to follow.



Whether you are already well-known or just starting out, you need your SEO to be up to date, correct, and following the best strategy to remain in the top results or to rank first.

Whether it's at a local or international level, if someone is searching for your business specialty, it's advantageous for you to be on the first page of Google at the very least, and ideally among the top results or the first.

Think about when you search for an online store for something specific or a business that specializes in a particular activity. How do you behave? Typically, you look at the first few websites or simply the first link. Therefore, it's beneficial to have a strong online presence and be well-positioned because a good position means more customers and more sales.

Check our 2024 dossier.

What Can I Expect from SEO?

Describe your needs and where you want to go. We will recommend the best strategy that suits the current situation of your website.

More Traffic

Increasing your web traffic means increasing website visitors and sales opportunities.

More Customers

The better your SEO ranking, the more people will find you in their searches.

Enhance Your Brand

Optimizing your website, usability, and accessibility lays the foundation for a professional brand.

Better Results

Medium to long term, with obtained data and good positioning, campaigns perform better.

Flexible and Customized Plans

Our goal is clear: to reach or exceed the proposed objectives to ensure that your website ranks first, resulting in an increase in customers and sales.

SEO Plan

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of all the factors affecting the positioning of a website. By improving your SEO, you will gain visibility in searches and increase visits to your website. There are many factors that influence SEO, from how visitors interact with your website to the number of users who submit contact forms, proper indexing by reviewing on-page SEO, link building, and more. And we will take everything into account.

SEM Plan

A correct SEO content is the bare minimum for achieving good positioning. By combining SEO and SEM, success is guaranteed. You will gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and reach ONLY the customers who demand your products and/or services. Your campaign will be personalized and tailored to your budget.

Web Analytics

Although it can be contracted individually, many domain plans include corporate email accounts. This is nothing more than an email like any other, but it is associated with a more professional and serious image as it bears the name of your domain in it, for example:

Content Creation

Content is the key to any SEO strategy. We will create interesting content to attract customers and improve your positioning. A good website should be updated and have quality content for its audience.


SEO Plans

These are the standard plans that some of our clients opt for. Request a personalized quote without any commitment, as each case is unique.

  • SEO Web

    • Local Area Businesses
    • SEO On-Page
    • Google Business Optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Search Console Optimization
    • SEO Off-Page (Linkbuilding)
    • Monthly Reports

    250/ Month

  • SEO Audit

    • Local SEO Audit
    • SEO On-Page
    • Google Business Optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Search Console Optimization
    • Analysis Report
    • Improvement Strategy
    Single Payment


  • Popular

    SEO consultant hours

    • Initial analysis
    • SEO optimization
    • Content optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Strategies
    • SEO Off-Page (Linkbuilding)
    • Reports
    Hourly Rate

    60/ Hour

  • SEO E-Commerce

    • Local Scope Stores
    • SEO Positioning
    • Google Business Optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Search Console Optimization
    • SEO Off-Page (Linkbuilding)
    • Monthly Reports

    350/ Month


For any further inquiries, please contact us via phone, opening a chat on WhatsApp, sending an email to, or filling out the contact form.

How much does the SEO service cost? How long does it take to see results? Can I accelerate the SEO process by paying more? Are there contracts or commitments for SEO or SEM plans? Do I need to perform SEO actions for a minimum period to see results? Which is more important, SEO or SEM? Does SEO or SEM guarantee more sales? What type of website or company gets results faster? Is it better to do SEO or advertising (SEM)? How do I know if my SEO plan is profitable?
You will receive a monthly report with the work done and the statistics of your website. One part of the report focuses on goal achievements (calls, sales, subscriptions, quote requests, etc.). So you can easily track your evolution over time.
Is it profitable and necessary?
If you want your company to be digitized, have an online presence, and be easily found in search engines, definitely and emphatically yes. Without a good SEO strategy, you are likely to fail, at least online, because if you're not found, you'll hardly have sales, calls, etc., on your website.

Social Media

Community Management

  • Quote and consulting without commitment.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and x/Twitter.
  • Youtube, TikTok, and Pinterest.
  • Impeccable professional image.
  • Increase your sales and followers.
  • Local and international.
  • Monthly Reports.
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All our SEO plans include

All our SEO plans share the following services in common. Nevertheless, you can combine and complement them according to your needs, either tailored to your requirements or with our support plans.

Analytics Reports

With the results reports of the applied strategy, you will be up to date on how your SEO strategy is performing.

SEO and Audit

We will apply the most suitable SEO strategy based on the previous audit conducted.

Google Business

We will create your profile on Google Business, providing you with a guide in case you need to make any changes yourself. We will manage everything you need.


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