For any other questions, contact us via phone, opening a WhatsApp chat, sending an email to contacto@techsupport.es, or filling out the contact form.
We will advise you and address all your doubts without any commitment.

What is the cost of the pickup and delivery service? Where is your store/company located? Do you sell computer hardware, devices, or computers? Do you sell/assemble custom computers? When will my PC be ready and repaired? Do I have warranty on repairs and purchased products? Are there any commitments with the technical support plans? Is there any cost for getting a customized quote for my office or gaming tower? I have no knowledge about computers or IT. Can you assist me? Can PC/Mac or repairs be paid in installments? What happens in case of non-payment by the client? After a free trial of plans, will I be automatically charged the following month? Can I terminate/cancel or pause my support contract?
Yes, at any time and without having to give explanations. We are completely flexible with our clients, so if you want to stop a maintenance contract for a while or definitively, you can do so. We need to be notified at least 24 hours before the next billing period/day so that it is not charged to your account.
Where can I find the policies of the technical support programs?
Before the trial period or signing a contract, you will receive by email the price quote, privacy policy, and information regarding data protection, GDPR, and everything you need to know. If you have any questions, you can also ask us by phone, email, or Whatsapp.
How does the data recovery process work?
We collect your device from anywhere in the Campo de Gibraltar at your convenience. We diagnose and quote a fixed price, no surprises. If you accept the quote, we retrieve the data from your device and send you a list of the recoverable data. If you approve the list because it contains everything you need, we proceed with our work. We recover the data and send it to you or bring it to your home on a new hard drive, or if the internal hard drive is healthy and has enough capacity, we will transfer it there once recovered. NOTE: Some files may be recovered after being deleted and may be corrupt or have issues opening. This is due to multiple factors such as data overwritten by prolonged OS usage or disk read/write operations after deletion, among others. We guarantee file recovery but not that 100% of the files can be opened and in perfect condition. The warranty DOES NOT provide refunds for data recovery services due to the state of the data, as there is always a percentage of files that have issues, whether it's 1% or more.
What is the support schedule?
Typically Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 as a general rule, but this may vary depending on your company's needs and may have a special schedule.
In what languages is support offered? How many support incidents can I open? How do I contact the support team? When will I receive a response to my technical support incident? What should I include in my incident to get a quick response?

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